Didn’t we have a “loverly” day….

Saturday 13th April saw us all on a coach to Whitby for the annual Eskdale Music Festival.  We had an early start in Penistone at 9.00am.  Less than two hours later we were at the coast, on a beautiful, clear, sunny but very cold day.  We had a few hours to while away before we were to rehearse at 2.00pm & perform at 3.00pm.  Some of us wandered into Whitby for an early fish ‘n chip lunch, to buy kippers and fresh crab, others stayed warm in the Pavillion.

Elation! We won!

Our trip coincided with Whitby Goth Weekend, so there were certainly some spectacles to be seen, although we couldn’t quite work out what some of the costumes were meant to be.  It was almost “Anything Goes”, so long as it was black, purple, or gold & had feathers.

Then we were singing….  We warmed up in a corridor (we have done worse!), very narrow, steamy and squishy for two full choirs!  We entered two classes:- the Christmas In April class & the Ladies Choir class.  In the Christmas class we were competing against ourselves, as we sang firstly on our own as Penistone Ladies, then with our chums Skelmanthorpe Male Voice Choir, as “Yorkshire Mixtures”.

We were blown away to come away with two first places & two cups, for both the Christmas and the Ladies Class.  Incredibly the Ladies Class included the set piece of Mr Sandman, which very few of us felt confident about and which usually brought about a big groan every time Jane asked us to rehearse it.   Thanks Jane for your confidence in us…our view of Mr Sandman may just change now!

It was also lovely to see Skelmanthorpe MVC placed second & third in their classes and thanks to them for joining forces with us once again.

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