Lunch, a wedding and peacocks…

On Saturday 21st April, over 40 choir members and a few partners put on their glad rags and went to Whitley Hall Hotel, Sheffield for our annual choir lunch.  We went last year for the first time to celebrate 30 years since the choir was formed, but we enjoyed it so much we have made it an annual fixture in the choir calendar!  There was a raffle, drawn (and won!) by our President Melvyn Dyson.

Everything seemed to put on a show for us – the resident peacocks who proudly displayed their beautiful feathers, the bride, groom and guests at the wedding going on at the same time and most importantly, the sunshine.  Afterwards we got a chance to wander in the grounds and pose for our annual photo.  It was lovely to talk with other choir members whom, if you don’t sit next to, you rarely get a chance to get to know.


And amazingly, not a single note was sung….


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