Prague Bound!

We’re off to Prague! It is a few years since our last choir trip abroad which was to Normandy.  It was mooted that it was time for another overseas trip, so when we received an email invitation from the Prague Festival Office to go to one of their choral meetings, we jumped on the idea!  They take place throughout the year, but we have chosen the Spring Choral Meeting in early May.  It is not a competition but a chance to meet other choirs from different countries, sing together and make new friends and visit the sights in the beautiful Old Town of Prague.  We will have two 30-minute performances, in churches in the old town and will also take part in a friendship concert with all the other choirs.

Roughly half the choir have signed up to go, some taking family or friends to also enjoy the experience and sightseeing.  It will be fascinating to hear all the other choirs, which could be from any genre: mixed, male, women, children, barbershop, gospel, church choir, Gregorian music, instrumental vocal ensemble…

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